Geoff Kimball

A photo of me.

Front-end developer obsessed with design, cats, and sandwiches.

Product Designer. I've worked with startups and large corporations on needfinding, user research, ideation, wireframes, and user testing.

CSS Architect. I'm a certified archmage in CSS and Sass, with experience in framework development, style guide creation, and front-end skills training.

JavaScript Developer. I've published nearly twenty Node libraries focused around various aspects of front-end tooling and workflow.

Open Source

I've worked on these open source projects:


Hand me a beer and I'll talk about whatever you want.

SF Static Web-Tech

I talk about the ZURB Template, a front-end boilerplate distributed with Foundation for Sites; and Panini, the static site library we wrote to go with it. Watch →

CodePen Bay Area

Starts at 52:30. I break down the mechanics of the Foundation for Apps grid by live-coding a flexbox grid from scratch, and not messing it up too bad. Watch →


I used to use semicolons a lot in my writing—I've since upgraded to em dashes.

Leaner, Meaner and Cleaner Sass

Before Foundation 6.0 launched in November 2015, I wrote about our team's best practices around agressively optimizing CSS and writing Sass more intelligently. Read →


I'm a Bay Area transplant originally from Indiana living in San Jose, California. I'm currently unemployed! I used to work at the design agency ZURB. At ZURB, I worked with companies large and small on design problems, and hacked on the Foundation family of front-end frameworks. Like every designer, I value simplicity, which manifests in both my design work and my open source work. Front-end tooling should be as easy to understand as the designs it helps produce.

When I'm not thinking about work, I'm thinking about petting cats and dogs, expensive sandwiches, Star Trek, tiny Node modules, Nintendo, buzzbands, pizza, buying concert tickets, and Theodore Roosevelt. (All at the same time.)