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My name is Geoff Kimball. I live in San Jose, California and I work at the agency ZURB as a product designer. I design and I code, but whichever I'm doing, I just want to make awesome things for people. I'm interested in the ways we incorporate technology into our lives, and my ambition is to work on products and services that affect millions of people.

Here's my resume. I'm not currently looking for work.


My work emphasizes people, content, and the responsive web.

ZURB Playground


I interned at product design firm ZURB this summer, where my main project was redesigning Playground, one of ZURB’s most popular properties, which is host to various design resources and technical experiments.

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Teaching on the Edge


I designed and built a site for "Teaching on the Edge", a National Science Foundation grant given to Ball State University and Taylor University about teaching the science behind high-altitude ballooning in college and middle school classrooms. Of particular note in this project is an interactive flight sim I built to display GPS and weather data from balloon launches.

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Responsive Modular Scale

open source

I developed a responsive adaption of the Sass team's modular scale extension for Compass. This gem allows you to easily define font sizes on a modular scale, while also having your type respond to changes in screen size.

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web + logo

Polymath is a group of musicians, filmmakers, and writers based mostly in Muncie and Bloomington, Indiana, releasing their works online for free. I designed the logo and the website, and I maintain the server-side codebase.

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Ball State Recreation


I wrote the markup and stylesheets for an admin interface for Ball State University’s rec center employees and staff. I also provided some input on the layout and visual design. A well-done responsive design was a key goal for this project.

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I also wrote about my process for designing this portfolio site. Read all about it.