Geoff Kimball

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Front-end developer obsessed with design, cats, and sandwiches.

Work History

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Create is a web application for browsing, searching, and displaying city and real estate data in a rich 3D map. I'm a designer and front-end developer on the web app.

Major projects I've worked on include:

  • Graphical tool to construct and edit JSON files of varying formats, and save them to a Git repository, with automatic commit creation, branch management, and pull request creation built-in. Built in React.
  • Moving varying UI elements in the application from hardcoded HTML to a template system constructed from modular components.
  • Refactoring the application's Sass codebase to be more easily themable, allowing the creation of alternate app themes for various clients.
  • Tooling to audit JSON files in backend systems for formatting and consistency.

Technologies I work with include Angular 1.x, React, Redux, Node.js, and Express.


2013, 2014–2016

I worked at the design agency ZURB as a product designer and front-end developer. My roles include: design work for clients, including needfinding, ideation, wireframing, prototyping, visual design, and front-end code; leading the Foundation family of frameworks, doing project management, roadmaps, feature development, and bug fixing; teaching in paid online classes sold by ZURB; and training the design team in front-end development with weekly lessons and reviews.


  • APS Physics
  • BAE Systems
  • BD Biosciences
  • BrightRoll
  • DataTorrent
  • Docker
  • FirstRain
  • Netgear
  • SAP
  • SongSelect

Ball State Digital Corps


I worked with a team of designers, developers, and audio/video folk on projects with other organizations within Ball State University.


  • Ball State Recreation App
  • Emens 50th Anniversary
  • Teaching on the Edge grant

Freelance Work

  • Indiana Broadcast Pioneers: 2011–2012
  • Indiana Center for Advanced Medicine: 2010–2011


Design:Ideation sketching, wireframing, user testing, style guides

Software:Sketch, Photoshop, OmniGraffle

Front-end:CSS, Sass, JavaScript, Foundation

JavaScript:Node.js, React, jQuery, Angular 1

Development:Git, Unit Testing, Front-end Tooling

Community:Teaching, Open Source Management


Conferences: Sass Summit, ConvergeSE, Responsive Web Design Summit

Meetups: ZURB Foundation, Cotap, Silicon Valley Web Builder, Designers Who Code, CodePen Bay Area, Static Web-Tech


Ball State University

Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunications

Minor in Japanese